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    PDF to PNG Conversion

    A PDF is essentially a snapshot of a document file. Unlike other document formats (such as DOC), PDF files look the same on any system, regardless of screen size, installed fonts, or even the operating system. This makes PDFs very versatile because you know they will always look great no matter where they show up.

    A PNG is an image file, not a document. Image files work all across the web, smartphones, laptops, and even TVs, making them equally as versatile as PDFs. However, PDFs can have multiple pages whereas PNGs cannot. PNGs can also be uploaded to places PDFs are not supported, such as social networks. This makes PNGs and PDFs quite different.

    Why should you convert PDF to PNG?

    The number one reason to convert a PDF to a PNG is to allow for uploading to places that don’t accept PDFs. As an example, you could have a page in a PDF that you want to share on Facebook. You won’t be able to upload a PDF to your Facebook feed, but you could upload a PNG. Converting your PDF page to PNG would allow you to do that.

    This is just one reason for converting PDFs to PNGs. We’re sure you can think of many more!

    How to convert PDF files to PNG for free?

    On this page, we have a tool that can convert any PDF to a PNG. It can convert a one-page PDF to one PNG or convert each page of a multi-page PDF to multiple PNGs. The process is similar for both situations.

    For converting a one-page PDF to a PNG, hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button and navigate to the PDF you need to convert. Conversely, you can drag and drop your file onto the spot that says “Drop Your Files Here”. Once the conversion process is finished, hit the “DOWNLOAD” button underneath the uploaded file. You’ll now have a ZIP file with one PNG inside that mirrors your one-page PDF.

    What if your PDF has multiple pages? That’s OK! Hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button and upload your multi-page PDF. When the conversion is complete, hit “DOWNLOAD”. You’ll now have a ZIP file with multiple PNGs inside, with each one corresponding to each page of your original PDF.

    You can save time by uploading up to 20 PDF files and converting them all at once. When finished, you can hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button, which will download one ZIP file with multiple folders, with each folder corresponding to each PDF.

    No matter which method you choose here, be sure to download your converted files quickly. After an hour, we purge all uploads and conversions from our server. If you wait too long, you’ll need to conduct your conversions all over again.

    Is it safe to convert PDFs to PNGs?

    When you upload a file to our server, your original file remains untouched. We make a copy of your file and then use that for the conversion. So you never need to worry about your original file. It is safe on your computer!

    Likewise, our server deletes all uploads and conversions after 60 minutes. This ensures your private information stays secure since our server will not save any of it.